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As the cold season approaches, the best and most practical souvenirs to take from Bucharest are probably behind the veil.

In the heart of Bucharest, near the Romanian Athenaeum, you will find a cosy and intimate space full of designer clothing and accessories. If you are looking for what you can do with branded and designer clothes in Book Romania, then this is it. The most important fashion mall in Romania is considered one of the most popular shopping centers in the world, and a visit there could be your chance to get a wardrobe. Located in the centre of the Romanian capital, the most important fashion mall in Brasov, it is considered the largest shopping centre of its kind in Europe, so a visit to this mammoth project is an opportunity to get dressed.

Here you will find all the brands, of which there are only a few here in the Bucharest Mall, but also some of the most popular brands in the world.

Spoons are also available here at the traditional fair, which only takes place on Friday evening and Sunday evening. The traditional Romanian Fair, one of the most popular fairs in Bucharest, which takes place only from Friday evening to Sunday evening, takes place in the main shopping centre of the city.

The famous store in Bucharest is Cocor, which has been recently renovated and transformed into a luxury store selling high-quality clothing, shoes, accessories and accessories as well as accessories. This is one of the first large universal shops in Romania, built in 1928 in Art Deco style. There are definitely many shopping opportunities in Bucharest, depending on which one is closest to you.

There is no direct border crossing between Ukraine and Romania, so you have to travel to Giurgiulesti, which is in Moldova, or drive to the border crossings in Romania to enter the country from the west and then, if you come from the east, drive back to Romania. The Hungarian border crossing from Nadlac to Bucharest is connected, but there may be difficulties. If you come from Romania and come from a country in the west, you have to drive through Moldova.

Buses are a route that is poorly connected to the railway network, but trains can still reach both those from Central Europe and those from the East.

The section Bors - Brasov, also known as Transylvania Highway 31, is currently the largest road project in Europe and will connect Bucharest, Ploiesti, Romania's second largest city, with the capital of Romania. The route, which will cover several major cities such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, will be introduced in the coming years, with the first section from Buch Romania to Plosiesta being completed by the end of 2012. Bukharu - Brasov is also under construction, but due to high costs and lack of infrastructure, it is not yet ready for public use. Currently, these are the largest road projects in the Member States of the European Union (EU), the Bor Brasova section (also called 31) is currently connected by a long stretch of road from the capital Bucharesti to Brasiv.

The road is one of the first fully completed motorways in Romania and the second largest in the EU, after the Transylvania 31 motorway.

Timisoara is also directly connected with most Romanian cities, and there are daily non-stop flights to Bucharest. Carpatair flies daily to Cluj - Iasi, Sibiu, Bacau and Craiova, as well as daily to the second largest city in Romania, Ilford. The TimisoARA-based Car patair 8 connects the city with eight Italian and three German destinations, but also has direct connections to other cities in Romania, such as Ile-de-France and Romania-Bulgaria.

If you have more time in Bucharest, behave and try to see a bit more of Romania and travel to Romania. If you decide to visit Romania, you should take the time to get to know the locals, as well as travel around the country and visit some of the other cities.

A visit and shopping in Bucharest is nothing less than a pleasure, but first you should know which shopping centers are closest to the main attractions of Romania, so you can enjoy the visit and shopping once and for all. Here are the 10 best places to shop and where to take home the best of everything. If you are a shopaholic, you have to visit them all and shop for yourself, because they are all available to you.

Baneasa Mall and Park Lake Mall are two of the most popular shopping malls in Bucharest, especially for high fashion lovers. The AFI Palace in Cotroceni is one of the most famous shopping centres in Romania, which no other shopping centre in Romania needs to have.

The image of an egg is also a symbol of Romania, represented by the famous painting "Eggs of the Roman Empire" in the centre of Cotroceni, the most important shopping centre in Romania.

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