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Long-loved, this 21-room mini-resort is known for its extensive and beautifully manicured gardens that stretch all the way to the beach. The rooms are clean and well furnished, but it is the outdoor areas that make this place shine, especially when used as an early morning yoga spot. A canal runs along it, and here we highlight the beautiful view of the city and the canal itself, as well as the view from the hotel lobby.

The resort has behaved well, with rooms featuring a mix of modern and contemporary furnishings and a variety of amenities. These include a spa, fitness centre and even a private pool and spa for private parties.

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The beach is beautiful, with rooms for fishermen and swimmers, and the city has a variety of affordable hotels and hostels. Together they give an impression of what Ecuador's seaside resorts were like 20 to 30 years ago. In Bucharest you will find a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and restaurants as well as a youth hostel. The home listings include a number of beautiful houses in the heart of the city, from the old town to the new town, all within walking distance.

In Bucharest you can also stay in one of the many hostels in the city, such as the one mentioned above, or in a hostel on the outskirts.

More About Bucharest

More About Bucharest