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Welcome to Bucharest, March 1st is a wonderful festival that marks the beginning of the spring season. Celebrate spring with a day full of fun, entertainment, food, music, dance and of course fun.

In addition to the musical programme, visitors can enjoy a wide range of food and drinks and a range of activities for children. Morning and evening you are invited to see theatre performances and attend outdoor concerts. Children from 5 to 18 years are also invited to the National Museum of the Romanian Farmer, where they can learn more about computers and television. The event will take place from 1 to 2 March 2017 at the following locations in Bucharest.

This is an important event for the space community and provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and results from medicine, health and science. Romexpo Bucharest Cosmetics, Beauty and Hair is an international exhibition that offers participants the opportunity to explore the latest trends in cosmetics, cosmetics and hair care products from around the world. It is part of the European Union's efforts to promote geophysics as a research area and to support cooperation between member states.

The most important centre of higher education is the University of Bucharest, an institution dating back to 1694, and the most prestigious university in Romania, the Romanian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1818. The Romanian National Institute of Science and Technology (ITB), founded in 1864, is a seat for learning in various disciplines. Among the many museums, there are the National Museum of Romania (the former), the Romanian Art Museum and the Romanian National Library, both of which are maintained by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as well as the State Library of Arts and Sciences of the European Union. Book Romania has a number of cultural institutions, some of which are the place of learning for different disciplines.

Bucharest has many industrial associations belonging to different sectors and promoting the growth of the state economy. The Bucharest Nursing NGO is always actively involved in health projects in the city, and the Romanian National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (ITB) is known for its neuroscientific research and treatment.

The festival is multi-faceted with its rich programme and can therefore be described as a metalhead gathering, with the headliners always being outstanding performers from all over the world. In the Romanian capital, the festival is attended by a large number of musicians from different genres and a wide range of musical styles.

A wide range of professional advice is available, which is often required for business abroad. In Bucharest, a number of online resources are available for business and personal travel advice.

Unveiling Romania is not only a celebration of the great knowledge that Romania wants to share with the world, but also of its history and culture. Romanian gypsies are not as popular as Roma living in other European countries, as many people do not associate the image of the Roma with high intelligence and morality.

Heart disease, such as hypertension, has the highest prevalence in the WHO area of the EU, and Bucharest had the second highest number of cardiologists per capita in Europe, after the United States. There are more than 1.5 million registered cardiologists in Romania, 59% of whom, according to the Ministry of Health, care for more than half a million inhabitants.

If you prefer to experience the cultural life of the city in an intimate and intimate way, you can attend a concert by a well-known successful artist such as Ioan Gavrila or a dance performance of the famous Bucharest ballet. Romanian cultural events, and has a long tradition as one of the most important cultural venues in Romania. Connected to the Revolution Square (formerly Palace Square), surrounded by imposing groups of administrative, political and cultural buildings, including the National Library, the Romanian Academy of Sciences and the State Library of Social Sciences.

At the end of April, the Bucharest Dance Festival, held in the Sala Apolo, prepares the city's visitors for the annual celebration of dance, music and dance performances by the Romanian Ballet. Hop International Romania takes place in the same place immediately after the previous event, and the festival is not complete without a concert by the Gypsy Orchestra, loved by everyone who has ever heard or seen anything. One of these music events around Buchloe is the Altgrabenfest, where everyone can find music for themselves ranging from indie rock to pop music. Another interesting event dedicated to hard music is the Altgrabenfest, which takes place in mid-October at the Fabrica Club.

As mentioned above, Bucharest is one of the lucky cities in Europe that will host several matches during the Euro 2020. So if you're in town in June 2020, you'll have the chance to watch several top-flight football matches and take part in the celebration. InterNations is specifically designed to support expats and hopes you will use its resources to build a fulfilling new life in Romania. There are also some large events and organizations for larger groups, but all events in Romania are for up to 55 people.

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