Bucharest Romania Attractions

We made the most of our three days in Bucharest, Romania, including palaces, parks, museums, cafes and more.

If you are coming to Romania, you should definitely visit Bucharest and discover most of the places listed above. Although there are many things to see on a book tour, we have selected the top ten sights that everyone should visit. On your trip to Bucharest, you should put the National Museum of Romanian Art on your list - To - Go. With all the amazing treasures to discover, the National Museum should be included in your Bukharu sightseeing tour.

The museum is a landmark in Bucharest, because it exhibits valuable artifacts from Romanian peasant life. Today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania, and the National Museum of Romanian History is of great interest to everyone.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to do something outside of Bucharest, consider a trip to Brasov, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania. On the way from Buch Romania you can take free walks all over the country, from the city centre to the mountains of the Romanian capital, and on the way between Bukharu and Brasova you will pass some cool attractions that you can see.

If you are visiting Bucharest from the southern part of the country and visiting Romania, it is worth bearing in mind these kinds of natural attractions when visiting Romania. Here you can discover the history of the city and its surroundings as well as some of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania. If you want to spend a weekend in Bukharu, you will experience the best things in and around Bukharu on this 2-day tour, with a focus on the capital's main tourist destinations. Whether you are visiting soon or looking for something good in Romania or not, you will find all the necessary things - see places in this article.

If you are already looking for flights to Bucharest, you should not be surprised if you look at our guide to finding cheap tickets to Romania. There is so much to discover here that you will not regret it, so book your flights now and sort your car and rental for Romania! If you are planning a visit to Romania, you can get your tickets for the best hotels, restaurants and hotels in the capital right here in this travel guide.

Now that your accommodation is taken into account, let's try some of the best things in Bucharest Romania, mainly to see things for yourself. On the first day, we'll pick out the 10 best things you need to do in Romania to visit the spectacular Parliament Palace and take a free walk through the historic centre. If you are looking for good things to do with your guide in Romania's capital, you should not miss the city's biggest attraction, the Palace and Parliament. To take a look at the many good tourist attractions of Bucharest, go here, here and here.

The Palace and Parliament are the current seat of the Romanian Parliament, which is located in the capital Bucharest, and it is the most important building in Romania's capital.

The square is a popular tourist attraction in Bucharest, as it is surrounded by some of the most important and interesting buildings in the city. If you have discovered the best park in Romania and would like to do a complete Bukharu tour, then the Cismigiu Garden is one of your highlights in this city!

If you want to blend in with the local culture of Bucharest, this is probably one of the best places to go. Whether you are just spending a weekend in Book Romania or traveling to Romania, it is a perfect introduction to the city and country. If you are looking for a short city break in Europe, a weekend in Romania is the perfect way to see this exciting and dynamic city. There are a number of great places to visit just outside of Bucharest, but there are also many other great tourist attractions in the capital.

Our Romania Travel Route tells you that you can go to Romania for a long weekend and visit the whole of Bucharest and Transylvania, including the famous castles of Peles and Bran. If you are only in Romania for 3 days and want to get to know the country a little, we can repeat the Bucharets of Transilvania road trips. Our perfect three-day Bukharu travel guide will ensure that you have enough information to cover all the major sights and destinations in Bukharu to see some of the best Eastern European destinations.

After 3 days in Romania you want to explore other areas than Bucharest and Transylvania on a road trip. If you are visiting Romania with a group of friends and decide that you need to come longer, we have brought it a little closer to you. Please note that I was a guest of Experience Romania during most of your time in Bucharets while they were experiencing Romania.

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More About Bucharest